Quick Nokia 7650 Thoughts

Russ has the Nokia 7650… sounds very good including iSync compatibility, but still the P800 might be the one based on screen and my usage if I could become a one-piece guy.

There was a problem with the GPRS – but it wasn’t the phone, Telefonica is having computer problems this morning so it’s not set up yet. The phone store is across the street from my office, so I went back over to see what the problem was. While waiting for my salesperson to finish up with another customer, I whipped out the Nokia and started playing some games. Full color arcade games in my hand! WOW! The experience was the same as if I pulled out my Gameboy. Seriously. I was so absorbed I didn’t notice that the guy was done and the customer behind me had to point out that it was my turn. DOH! This mobile game stuff is going TO ROCK THE EARTH.

I forget what a freak I am sometimes. The guy who sold me the phone had the same exact phone and was eager to show it off to me – including a T-Mobile video app he got from somewhere (I didn’t realize that the 7650 could do video!). I was all excited and started talking about Symbian and programming, etc. He looked at me like I had three heads. Okay. Next subject.

The only other .sis Symbian program that was on the CD was an iSync upgrade. So I installed that and now it looks like I can sync to the internet!!! Yeah, baby! I’ll have to explore that some more. I’d love to be able to use my server as a central repository for to-dos, calendar etc.

I want a dock. I want this thing to sit up. I guess that’s what the more PDA-like P800 is all about.

-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

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  1. I hear you… I just want a simple PDA/online device. I am happy with a phone as well, but they neeed to speak via Bluetooth. The PDA should be able to send and receive my email without the need to connnect with the phone, but also be able to use it as backup connection through bluetooth, say if I am travelling overseas and my PDA’s data connectivity is US only.

    At this time I have a US only capable phone and a dis-connected PDA. argh

  2. Yup … you can read all about it on my blog (the URL up there has an extra “)” in the link so it coughs up a wee error).

    My biggest concern; is it a PDA or is it a phone?

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