Macintosh: An Acquired Taste?

Perhaps, but I feel quite a bit different than Michael Kanellos who wrote (on Keynote) in his Perspective:

Technically, it was fabulous–and completely impractical. Microsoft’s PowerPoint exists for one reason: Sales representatives use it to lull their audiences into an agreeable mood before asking for money. “Your company is fabulous, but I can’t stand that little man holding the stopwatch and scratching his head. We’re going to go with the vendor with that Egyptian papyrus theme,” is a statement that will never come out of a corporate buyer’s mouth.

I guess Michael is not from or involved in a creative industry. In Advertising and Marketing, the presentation can be everything. You need to sell and create excitement about the idea (not necessarily a product) you are selling and the right tools can make this work easier. PowerPoint is not the right tool. It has just been the only tool. I am certainly ready for a change.

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