Dish Network – HDTV PVR

My choice for satellite TV anytime would probably be DirecTV over Dish, but this box certainly ups the ante for consideration. TiVO certainly has their work cut out for them and hopefully time to answer this as I don’t recall seeing any specs yet on their pending HD PVR box.

The DishPVR 921 satellite TV receiver is a Personal Video Recording product with the ability to record both standard and high definition programming. DISH Network features five nationwide HDTV channels: CBS-HD, HBO-HD, SHOWTIME-HD, Discovery HD, DISH-On-Demand pay-per-view HD movies and a 24-hour HDTV demonstration channel. Using a massive 250 gigabyte hard drive, the DishPVR 921 is capable of recording up to 40 hours of high-definition programming, up to 250 hours standard definition programming, or any combination of the two. Other capabilities include the ability to record two programs at the same time while watching a third pre-recorded program, and picture-in-picture capabilities on any TV. More details including price and availability will be announced later this year.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken the 921 PVR is only a standard Def receiver and is available now. The HDTV PVR has not been released yet. I think the new HDTV PVR will be the 801 PVR

  2. Perhaps though according to the link above at AudioRevolution, it seems to be the HD unit. It was from CES, so I can’t tell you if it is real, or demo…

  3. The Dish721PVR is available now, and it is sandard NTSC. The 921 is not yet available and will be Hi Def.

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