Always On

The crew from Red Herring as well some “celebrity” business types have formed the AlwaysOn blog. Officially launches on Monday, but you can check it out now if you like.

The AO Proposition
In the next wave, media companies will have to share control with the audience they serve. eBay taught us the power and profitability of that idea in the first wave. But giving up control is a huge challenge for an old, crusty and entrenched industry. At AlwaysOn, we invite some of the smartest chiefs, geeks, investors, boosters and wonks to come play in our spontaneous and uncensored arena.

The Inside Team
Sysop, Michael Perkins, June Sargent, Matthew Falzone,Tony Nash, Celia Nunez, Kathy Osweiler, Tony Perkins, Bonnie Powell, David Prock

Celebrity Bloggers & Correspondents
Bruce Pasternack, Jonathan Medved, John Sculley, Timothy Draper, MARC BENIOFF, Leonard Brody, rajit gadh, Karl Jacob, Tom Jessiman, Brian Keating, Jamis MacNiven, Tony Nash, Joe Schoendorf, Mike Tatum

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