I really do believe that Apple is really working to make a full defection from MS Office while maintaining the compatibility but of course enhancing things in the “oh so Apple way.”

Potentially the most interesting Apple software software rumour — especially in concert with Keynote — is Document, an MS Word killer. As whispered by MacWhispers:

The new package, said to be named “Document,” includes 100% import and export functionality with Microsoft Word files, but goes much farther than that venerable word processor has ever managed in giving the user a full-scope document development environment

Most interesting is a report that it will also provide many alternate output format choices, including advanced .PDF (with selectable compression), several levels of HTML (including DHTML), a wide assortment of multimedia formats, and will provide easy to use tools for adding XML tags to documents.

Certainly more interesting than going up against Office with AppleWorks. What _is_ the future of AppleWorks, anyway?

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