Samsung i500 smartphone…

i500Samsung recently showed of its new Palm-powered smart phone, the SPH-i500 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The SPH-i500 runs on CDMA 1xrtt networks and uses Palm OS 4.1. The handset features Graffiti handwriting, a 16-tone polyphonic ringer, a GPS-based locator called gpsOne, voice dialing, and voice memo. The phone also has connections for an external keyboard or camera. No word yet when the phone will be available in the U.S. market.
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  1. I am a Sprint user and am desparately waiting for a PDA phone that is small with a camera, color screen, and works like my Palm VII. This sounds like the phone I have been waiting for. Could you please send me information on this phone along with the estimated time that is will be before Sprint will put it on the market.

  2. Yes – let me get right on that.

    This is my personal site. Why don’t you contact Sprint yourself? I can’t tell you what their exact business plans are…

  3. I like this phone. Tell me where I can get one. Is it compatible with GSM. What service providers offer it?

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  5. Love it. It’s not GSM compatible (hardly any of the models in the U.S. are as far as I know). But, they will be.

    Regardless, you can get one for $300~ “fell off the back of a truck and found it’s way to ebay”.

    I got some pictures on it, and really like it. The only thing that sucks, is the lack of service that Sprint provides (rather lack thereof) when it comes to SMS.

    Other than that…. the form factor alone is worth this thing. Can’t stand bulky blackberrys. Furthermore, this model does not have a camera on it, an it only works Palm 4. You need to wait for the next generation for that crap, which according Samsung’s sites…isn’t too long away for Europeans…(we in the U.S. tho.. who knows).


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