A word or two on my new personal prison …

Since last Friday I have only have use of my left hand and arm. This makes it very difficult to do many things proactively on the computer amongst many other personal activities. Since this is actually the second time my right arm has been immobilized in a cast I was at least prepared this time. In order to function at work I try to limit the amount of text in my e-mails. I have been dictating into the computer using ViaVoice which works fairly well. Then in combination with some macros that you can program I am able to launch applications as well as command certain functions within them such as “delete.”

What I can tell you is this … voice recognition and command is far from perfect. It is actually quite difficult to be even moderately as efficient as I was only a week ago. I find that my performance on the computer is roughly 40 percent of what it was with two hands. In short, it sucks.

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