The Server is too busy…

In order to unsubscribe to an MSN newsletter, you must actually sign into your Passport account. Since I don’t use Hotmail or MSN, my account was put on hold. When I tried to reactivate, the MS Server told me it was too busy… like there are that many people doing that same thing right now. Talk about the “Power of .Net.”

I can just set the newsletter as Spam in POPfile and say good-bye.

10 Replies to “The Server is too busy…”

  1. Why I getting this message, when I try to access mail on HOTMAIL. Does any has some idea?
    This server is too busy.

  2. why’d u have to pick today to say “server is too busy”……GET SOME MORE DAMN SERVERS!

  3. I am increasingly gettin “THIS SERVER IS TOO BUSY” messages lately. I am not sure if its just the australian servers… i reckon they should atleast put some more explanatory messages. Good Luck.

  4. people, don’t forget that there could be server problems, e.g. viruses, etc. who knows what the problem is? believe me, i’m pissed, too. the least they could do is put an announcement up at one of their sites.

  5. Damn hotmail. I have an important message to read from my hot girlfriend!!!! Fix it fuckers!!!!

  6. it is not servers problem, i have 3 pc at home, when a saw ‘server too…’ in my pc i run to my sister’s and Hotmail was not so busy, i log off and try in mine again, Hotmail was busy, come on!!

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