SliMP3 = streaming music in my living room

My SliMP3 arrived today… in 10 minutes (with one hand! Seriously, my right arm is in a cast…) I was able to set this baby up, connect through my (also new) Linksys WET11 and BAM – streaming tunes to the living room on my stereo!! Sound quality is excellent!

This is by far the coolest consumer gadget I have purchased in a long time. The display is easy to read (especially in the large size) from my sofa. The remote is simple to use… debating on shelving it after adding the device to my Pronto, since it may be easier to just use their unit. “Wife acceptance factor” and ease of use may also play a key role here… Home theater systems are daunting enough.

Now what lies ahead is of course re-ripping music to 192, from 160…argh – only a few hundred albums. Fortunately I have the SliMP3 synced with iTunes so anything I add there is instantly available. I guess this means my orginal iPod will need a new friend to compensate for the additional storage I will now need.

A WiFi or Bluetooth capable PDA, I could access the SliMP3 via a browser and have an amazing remote in hand when at home.

Just realizing how sick it is that minutes after I get a new gadget, I am way ahead thinking about what else I need to support this purchase.

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