Samsung announces PalmOS 5.2 Smartphone

Samsung today announced theit PalmOS 5.2 based Smartphone. It’s a Triband phone with GPRS Class 10 and features a CMOS camera with 640×480 resolution. It’s powered by a XScale PXA800F-CPU with 266 MHz, 32 MB RAM, SDIO capable SD/MMC Slot. It will also feature Graffiti 2 and is supposed to be available mid 2003, with a price Tag around 600 Euros.


WOW – Looks Gorgeous!! But no bluetooth? I guess you can always add it with via the SDIO slot…

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  1. That’s probably the least interesting new phone that Samsung announced, their Symbian or PMG phones both have Bluetooth and are less of of an evolutional deadend than the Palm based one.

    It’s quite fascinating that Samsung are covering nearly all the bases: Symbian, MS, PMG and Palm. I wonder when they’ve got a Linux phone coming out?

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