Sputnik releases Linux-based WiFi AP

sounds good… if we ever move to a space too large for my Airport this would be the way to expand the network.

Dave “Technorati” Sifry and Sputnik have released their first Linux-based, commodity hardware WiFi access point. The Sputnik AP is self-configuring, secure, and open to hacking — based on Seth Schoen’s Bootable Business Card Linux distro. Sweet.

Just set up a Sputnik Central Control installation anywhere within your network, and then start plugging in Sputnik AP 120s right into your LAN. The AP 120s autoconfigure themselves, seek out Central Control, and automatically implement a wide range of security and management features, like dynamic firewalling, SSL-based user authentication, usage tracking, and policy routing. Central control allows administrators to easily set up and configure the captive portal, manage users, monitor AP usage, and generate reports. Gone are custom MAC address tables or per-AP configuration – and when you want to cover more area, simply purchase more AP 120s and plug them into your LAN.

Link [Boing Boing]

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