Coming Soon – You will want this

• It supports multiple networks. GoodLink runs today over Cingular Wireless’ Mobitex Network, but it’s designed to support multiple networks. Customers are already beta testing GoodLink on Palm devices, with voice and data, over GPRS networks. As faster wireless networks deploy—GPRS, 1X, Edge, UMTS—Good will port there.

• It supports standard devices. Today, GoodLink runs on multiple devices, including the RIM 950, RIM 957, and its own Good G100. And it will soon run on PalmOS devices as well. Device makers are currently designing PocketPC and PalmOS products for 2004 that support GPRS and 1X networks, and chipset makers are designing 802.11 chipsets for combo GPRS and 1X devices in 2005. Good’s design will easily port there.

[AlwaysOn Network]

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