Ready to give up your TiVO?

New STBs from Pioneer, Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola and LG Electronics focus on high-definition TV, digital video recording and interactive services such as video on demand. [allNetDevices Wireless News]

If this replaced my cable box I would be all set:

Pioneer Electronics has unveiled its Voyager 4000 HD-DVR, which features a dual HD tuner configuration (860 MHz) that allows for both high-definition and standard television signals to be encoded onto the hard drive simultaneously, so viewers can watch and archive two programs at once.

The Voyager also includes configurable controls, Pioneer said, which allow it to output screen resolutions optimized for any display type in a variety of formats. Incoming video resolutions are detected and up-converted or down-converted automatically based on the configured output.

Pioneer said its newly released interactive navigation suite, Passport Echo, is fully optimized to run on Voyager 4000, enabling cable customers to cache, catalog and store programming for later retrieval.

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