Will Microsoft Be Successful in the Digital Home?

When it comes to the realisation of the digital home, no-one is pushing harder to achieve it than Microsoft. But what role for the Windows-based PC in the home of the future? Microsoft would have us believe that the PC is the natural all-singing, all-dancing hub of the home. And at first sight it has a strong case: with top-end processing power, huge storage potential, cutting-edge graphics, wireless and wired networking and easy access to high-bandwidth internet, there?s no doubt that in… [AlwaysOn Network]

The hitch? Don?t believe the hype. When it comes it to the delivery of no compromise video (the bottom line for discerning couch potatoes everywhere), neither the Windows platform or Wi-Fi are up to the job. Windows XP may be stable enough for desktop computing, but is far from it once you move into the realms of instant-on, never-fail TV. Similarly, Wi-Fi is forging new ground for seamless connectivity in the home and beyond, but it doesn’t yet have the bandwidth to deliver multi-channel video at a quality and consistency to make it a commercially viable proposition.

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