Cordless Cellphones

Ericsson and Verizon are both separately working on cordless phones that work like a regular telephone inside the home, but when taken outside work like a cellphone:

Verizon Communications, the largest U.S. telephone company, this week is expected to announce a new cordless-cellular phone that operates on regular telephone lines in the home and on the mobile networks when outside. Ericsson, the world’s largest maker of wireless equipment, has developed technology called Mobile(at)Home that lets consumers use their cell phone to make calls from home via the Internet instead of using up valuable wireless minutes.

Sounds like the Ericsson phone will use some sort of Voice over WiFi over Internet Protocol system, while it’s a little less clear how the Verizon combination-phone will work. Sprint PCS is also working on something similiar which would let subscribers hook up their regular phone to make calls over the cellular network.
Read [Via TechDirt]


I thought that BT actually rolled a phone like this a few years ago in the UK. It was smart enough to know when you were in your home’s cell to switch over to be a home phone which changed the billing as well. Good stuff.

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