AOL enhances TiVO

America Online is launching another feature tomorrow. This one’s aimed at users of TiVo, the digital video recorder for television. AOL members with TiVo boxes will be able to program them via AOL by typing in the keyword “TV Listings,” clicking on the show they want to record and clicking “record to my TiVo DVR.” The free AOL service requires a Series 2 TiVo recording device.

Washington Post

I don’t have a Series2 box to try this out on yet, but it sounds like being an AOL customer allows access to the remote programming found in the $99 TiVO Home Media Option. Since I use the SliMP3 for streaming music to my stereo and beyond I’ve found the price a bit steep just to do remote programming, but would still love to have that option. Still means buying a new TiVo, which will have to certainly pass through my wife.

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