Good reaches out to more devices

Good Technology releases new messaging software and adds partners as it looks to attract more enterprise customers by broadening the device and network compatibility of its software. [CNET]

Good seems like a very cool company and their software solves a tough problem. You can receive attachments via wireless device – theirs or RIM and soon Handspring/Palm (Treo 600!!). This makes life easier for the mobile worker as the usual hurdle of being as productive while moving about can be solved since the Good server sits behind the firewall.

Unlike the RIM software, Good seeks to make the same device actually easier to use. The best part is that it works on existing devices and soon will even be working on Palm so as a user you can have a choice, while your CTO can still manage a controlled back-end. I love the idea of using this in the future, I just hope they support Notes. My company is making the switch and while there are a host of Blackberries deployed, no one currently gets attachment, which tends to be a killer as you are traveling.

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