New Tarantino Film to Be Released in 2 Parts

Miramax Films will take the unusual and potentially risky move of releasing “Kill Bill,” the much-anticipated Quentin Tarantino action-adventure film, as two movies. [New York Times]

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  1. For the British press, critic Andres Kahar implicitly panned Tarantino’s 2-parter with an unfavourable comparison to Robert Rodriguez.

    Excerpt from review of Once Upon a Time in Mexico:

    (Reviewed by: Andres Kahar)

    Gloriously cartoonish and over-the-top and Rodriguez easily equals the somewhat over-vaunted Quentin Tarantino when it comes to making violent action stylish – with the distinction of some apparent self-irony (one hopes).

    (Talking point: Rodriguez’s unwieldy plot remains in one piece, unlike QT’s Kill Bill. The ever self-loving QT has chopped his monster in two … one hopes that wasn’t a desperate attempt to conceal from us the sad fact that Kill Bill — thus far — is bereft of a meaty storyline or plot. But give QT this much: KB1 is wincingly gorgeous to watch.)

  2. Andres Kahar’s got it right. Kill Bill is lots of show with little substance. Saying that much, there is little doubting “QT’s” entertainment value!

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