Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

THis is a new show on Bravo. 5 gay guys get together to spiff up a clueless straight guy [Blogcritics]

It is hilarious! I love this show. I tell you what, the sarcastic over-the-top gay culture is really MADE for TV. I mean it! These guys learned their moves from imitating the imitations of female glamour from Hollywood, so they are practically cartoon-like in their ability to quip and move things along.


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  1. Hi!
    I just have to say that I love this show!
    I am here in the US as an exchange student and I have been here for three weeks now.
    I fell in love with you the first time I saw your show. I simpley love you!
    thumbs up for the gay buts!
    keep up the good work=)
    Love Pernille, 17

  2. OMG I luv this show its so funny & the guys are cool. Jai iz HOTT i love him, Boy I wish i was a gay man, Hell I wish I was a man just 2 able 2 go on the show & have them make me over, well ur show rocks Q.E.F.T.S.G. IZ the bestestest show Ive seen next to Will & Grace, keep that show on the air its a HIT!! Much love lookin forward 2 seeing it EVERY week, I even watch the reruns all week. omg I just adore that move Jai showed the Josh that was HOT. Sadly I missed them on Jay Leno, but I just read that they will be on Wake up Miami,, another show I luv, so I cant wait 2 watch them there. L8rz

  3. jai is the hottest guy i ever seen:D i wish i could be a man 2:) i hope, maybe sometime he will start to like girls…;)

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