Yamaha’s MusicCast wireless digital audio system

A new wireless digital audio system from Yamaha called MusicCast which consists of the MCX-1000, a digital audio server with an 80GB hard drive for storing MP3s, and the MCX-A10 (pictured at right), a digital audio client that can wirelessly stream music files off of the server. Unlike some of these other digital audio receivers, you can get MP3s onto the MCX-1000 both by ripping them from CDs or transferring them over from a PC. Read [Via The Gadgeteer]… [Gizmodo]

A more sophisticated approach to my SliMP3 system, though I bet it costs a great deal more. I like how you can rip and burn cds from the server… Then you hook in the wireless receivers either with our without speakers per room. 80GB drive standard though it is upgradeable as well.

Looks very slick…

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