Tired and a bit cranky

I am riding the Acela train back right now (10:21pm EST) from Philadelphia to NYC and I am sitting behind the most annoying family of all time. It’s mom, dad, two daughters and Grandparents all basically shouting to each other in Spanish while the younger sister (probably 5) literally climbs and slides over the seats and floor. The older daughter has yet to sit down and is facing backwards towards the rest of us while she text-messages no one.

I am riding the Acela train, Amtrak’s high priced allegedly business class only train, yet this family has seriously commandeered whatever civility would be possible under normal circumstances. I can actually hear them through my headphones (which are pretty loud) and can’t help but be distracted continuously as they jam against the seats excitedly.

Could I move? Sure. It’s only an hour ride (the seat back just came fully back without warning followed by an adjustmnt which shook the tray on which I am trying to write.) so it should not be that big a deal. I guess I am just tired as I did have to travel to PA to work a full one. It’s just that my expectations are that a family should get their kids under control when outside the home.

What you do in your home, is your business. What happens in my public space is ours. Ah, The joys of travel…

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