the iServe (redux)

Frank has really expaned his iServe idea (from November)… I’d love to see what he’s envisioned in my house. I agree with him on the value to small work-groups, and as a guy working in a company that has many small work-groups and owns a few XServe’s, I think we’d likely buy a few iServe’s in addition to our XServe’s.


After thinking about this idea for 30 seconds I realized it’s exactly what I would want to have at home! I have the iMac set up basically as a server now for some basic needs but have struggled with how to get things like an LDAP server running so my wife and I can share a sync-able contact file. I’ve already had to create machine level directories for us to share iTunes and iPhoto libraries across the user accounts. A true home server would be fantastic – but not at the price of the work xserve.

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