what’s been going on…

I know I have not been posting much since the powerbook lid snapped and for good reason… I’ve been advised not to close the lid and move it around as it may actually break completely off. We are still negotiating the repair – whether it is possible and how much it will cost if so.

Since I can’t move it around, my normal level of intense computing has been reduced as a result. It’s interesting when your usage patterns change without you making a conscious decision. I don’t normally work on our home computer (but the older one) which I’ve really tried to make as much my wife’s as possible. She uses it during the day and evenings and even when I do a quick thing or two I don’t generally log in choosing instead to use it as she would. For now though I am back to logging in as myself to use my browser and my bookmarks – plus my own saved passwords in Mozilla.

In the meantime, I’ve used a recently updated RSS Subscription file I read in NetNewsWire and uploaded it to my Feed on Feed site for consumption while at home (NNW is at the office on my laptop). I’ve used a subset to do a complete overhaul on my blogroll as well.

Guess that is about it… just waiting this one out hoping a new system is in my cards.

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