Wife Approval Factor

I just switched us back to Verizon for local and now LD and as well as regional calling. AT&T had a similar plan at a similar rate which we’ve used for the past few months, but for some reason the way the voicemail works on AT&T really interfered with Call Waiting and our building intercom making them indistinguishable. I heard a fair bit about how much of a pain this was but rarely noticed since I am not home during the days and also since I spend a small amount of time on the home phone.

AT&T found nothing wrong but clearly something was causing a problem where there was previously nothing. We’ve had Verizon for almost 5 years prior to the switch and never had an issue like that. I guess there’s something to be said for being the local guy in certain instances – like when they did the actual wiring here. Not something I considered when we made the switch intially, but something I considered frequently when hearing about the issue repeatedly.

Wife Approval Factor – 1 / AT&T – 0

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