High-Definition Photos, Art and Music…

This looks very cool…

For the first time, you can enjoy viewing your favorite digital photos in high-definition on your HDTV. Simply snap in your digital camera’s memory card or use the easy network connection between Roku and your home PC. And if you like a more sophisticated atmosphere, choose from a wide selection of motion and still artwork to turn your Flat-Screen or HDTV into beautiful wall art. Roku offers custom Art Packs on CompactFlash cards so you can create an inspiring home gallery in your living room.

Roku even plays digital music files over your home network, so you can finally enjoy that growing MP3 library on your home stereo system. Any way you use it, Roku is simple and easy. Just connect to your home network for sharing digital media from your PC, or pop in a variety of memory cards and watch your HDTV come to life with high-definition digital photos, art and music.[Roku]

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