What to get…

A new laptop is imminent and as a result I’ve started really rethinking my PDA/Phone strategy… For the first time I will have bluetooth which means I can get wireless access on my computer while traveling via the right kind of phone or PDA. The Treo 600 will certainly do wireless email, but won’t let my laptop share the ride unless I use a cable as it does not have bluetooth or wifi inside. The Sony UX50 has both bluetooth and wifi, but is not a phone.

It’s coming down to a one-piece vs two-piece issue. If bluetooth reliably connects it all together I think I can handle doing it through multiple devices. It would certainly not be horrible to get a new phone (which I am planning to do as soon as portability kicks in) and a new PDA. The new Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones look great, work with iSync and can be quite small as well which would be nice.

It’s all personal preference… I just have to figure out what mine is.

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