Xybernaut Wearable Mini-Server with Wi-Fi

Xybernaut Corporation announced Service Point. ServicePoint is a powerful mobile mini-server that is configured and shipped as a mobile application services platform.

ServicePoint can function as a highly mobile, even wearable, mini-server that directs information and/or application services to various devices and users via a wireless or wired network. Service Point, which is shipped with the Redhat Linux Professional server operating system (OS), offers broad flexibility for enterprise or individual users. ServicePoint devices can function as:

  • Network access point (NAP) — wireless hot-spot (WiFi)
  • Firewall/secure access server
  • Web server
  • Network gateway controller — serving as router
  • Data management platform — relational/object-relational
  • Application Services Platform — HTML, Perl, PHP shipped standard

A unique differentiator of Xybernaut ServicePoint is that it is small and flexible enough to be completely mobile. This affords considerable flexibility — particularly to enterprises looking for advanced computing options for highly mobile workforces. [TMCnet]

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