notes on the PowerBook…

While still getting used to things one significant detail is how much more responsive the system is…. I was just used to basic finder delays and lag in things like NetNewsWire that I did not even realize that is not how it was supposed to be!

The new system is virtually silent. I have yet to hear the fan or the drive and have only heard it go to sleep (with a gentle click). I love the screen, both the depth and the new angle that it rests when placed in full recline. The keyboard is softer, I think… but I like having some extra keys around like the second Apple even though I am mentally trained that is my former enter key which has now shifted one to the right.

The trackpad is a completely new material, or perhaps just new material. My old machine’s pad is actually shiny from my finger after these past years of use. It gets warm, but not hot even on your leg with shorts.

My plan is to reinstall things as I need them. I had way to much crap on my old machine, much of which I did not use regularly enough to consider keeping. Must keep this system clean and running fast…

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