Palmsource in Talks with Sony Ericcson

PalmSource and Sony Ericcson are discussing the possibility of the mobile phone company releasing devices running the Palm OS.

In an interview last spring with AlwaysOn, the CEO of Sony admitted he wasn’t terribly happy with the arrangement his company has with Ericcson to make smart phones running the Symbian OS.

Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman and CEO of Sony, said, “In terms of our OS strategy, it is not clear whether Symbian … is the right way to go for the mobile phone. And I can’t tell you why Sony has a Symbian OS on its phones and Palm OS on its PDAs. Even Bill Gates asked me if I was crazy.”

Earlier this week, David Nagel, the CEO of PalmSource, mentioned in an interview with Dow Jones that his company is in talks with Sony Ericsson. However, he didn’t give any details. Still, it is a sign that there may yet be Sony Ericsson smart phones running the Palm OS from this partnership. [Brighthand]

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