TiVo Out, Scientific Atlanta new PVR king

With all the hoopla around TiVO, many might have overlooked this little bit of information!

Scientific-Atlanta shipped 387 thousand Explorer 8000 home entertainment servers in the fiscal year 2003, including 158 thousand in the fourth quarter.

That is more than total DvRs shipped by TiVo and others combined. Explorer 8000 does all sorts of neat thing including email, web-surfing and of course digital video recording. Scientific Atlanta has 13 percent of the total market, after Echostar and Tivo, according to new Red Herring.


It would be nice if those things the box can do would be turned on by Time Warner Cable here in NYC…

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  1. abosulety fascination, i might buy a coby dvd recorder, or a toshiba hard drive/dvd recorder combo or both to compliment both my sa 8000’s.being able to record 4 channels at the same time is useful especially when I have over 154 channels in my lineup 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even while I’m sleeping! Amazing1 Impressive! Fascinating!

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