Craig Barrett: Inside Intel’s future

Will Intel ever be able to crack Apple?

We keep trying, but frankly it gets less and less interesting each year. When they were 10 percent of the market it was a more interesting issue. But at 2 percent of the market…our sales can blip 2 percent quarter on quarter, so we can shrink or grow by a couple of Apples. There are lots of interesting aspects in there. Steve (Jobs) is trying to appeal more to the Intel base. You might ask why he doesn’t take his OS and try to compete in the other 98 percent of the market. But he doesn’t choose to do that.

The OS X kernel runs just fine on Intel. Just a matter of the app stack to stick on top of that. But you’ll have to talk to Steve about that. We just try to get design wins with these guys. [ZDNet]

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