Treo Obsessive Compulsive

So I can’t stop thinking about the Treo… This always happens when I find the opportunity to consider a new gadget and time is ticking…for when I will make the leap.

Today I was thinking seriously about what my options are for connecting to Lotus Notes. Seems pretty grim actually… I was previously led to believe that Good would be supporting the Treo and Notes, but after speaking with them today confirmed that in fact only Exchange is supported. We just switched to Notes from Exchange, so no hope there.

Sprint offers a desktop redirector which I guess is similar to Visto (if not actually Visto). You need a PC to run and send messages from the PC to the device. This is less than ideal as I a) don’t have a PC and b) am a (Mac) notebook user anyway. I’ve discussed the potential of having a dedicated redirector box with our CTO and that remains an option, though I am not sure how cost effective that is. I guess that depends on the cell plan you get and with what carrier. So far Sprint is the only one with an option. I spoke to T-Mobile, but they have no idea (officially anyway) as the device is not yet available.

My hope is that as the GSM/GPRS version rolls out, carriers will have some kind of solution. Seems like it will be all based on the desktop redirector model. I guess that is why the RIM units are so solid… They are integrated with the Server and beam out your messages in real time. I could certainly consider a Blackberry, but was thinking I would prefer to stay with Palm if possible.

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