Pocket sized but packs a punch!

Soon anyway. While reading the latest NYT Circuits submission from David Pogue tonight I started thinking about how cool it would be to have one of the cameras he reviewed – the Panasonic D-Snap SV-AV100.

It’s a credit card sized SD based camcorder that can record MPEG-2 quality video. The cards are still too small – only 512 which holds 10 minutes and the unit sells for between 700 and 1000 bucks. That would classify it as very expensive for the how much extra you would have to pay in memory (let alone batteries) to take this on a trip, or for a day out with the family.

It won’t be long though before we get SD cards at 1 and 2 GB if not larger… by then the price on cameras like this should be much less and I am sure they will be even more jam packed with features like multi-megapixel still capabilities.

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