Phoning Home

I received my Sony Ericsson T-610 phone on Thursday and charged it up, and activated my T-Mobile service… So far I have to say this is a very impressive device, in fact the the T-610 phone is killer…

It can pretty much do anything — browse, email, bluetooth, photos, SMS, MMS, contacts, calendar and oh yes make phone calls. It has actually made me question or at least rethink my somewhat intense desire for the Treo (for now…). This phone is so much smaller than I expected it to be. I had actually not seen one in person until mine arrived from Amazon. It’s like the T68 series though a tad longer and the screen is much bigger. If I had a keyboard/bluetooth palm device I could easily use the phone as GPRS modem when I needed to and check do email on the palm. This phone very easily fits in any pant or shirt pocket so you can easily carry it anywhere you need to be.

I am still waiting on my T-Zones (flash) Pro service which allegedly will allow me to get my Lotus Notes email over the phone. It can take T-Mobile up to 24 hours to authenticate so I probably know if it works until tomorrow.

I picked up a bluetooth headset which is now charging…Now that I see how small the phone is I felt I needed to have a wireless headset so I could voice-command certain dials and easily answer the phone from wherever it might be stashed at the time.

I can’t wait now for my machine to come back so I can do an official bluetooth based iSync. I used PhoneAgent to transfer a group vcard from my address book to my phone over IrDA which is very slick. No way unfortunately to do calendar over IR… so I will be waiting to get a handle on the calendar functions. I did add a note about an appointment I had today and while it was easy enough to do, it will be much better to have iCal be the originating source.

I feel as though I’ve been living in the cellular dark ages a bit. While my Nextel i90c phone has had good data services and generally speaking a nice set of features, it’s immediately clear how much ahead the Series 60 OS is and in general the overall design – hardware and software.

The other very cool aspect of this and many other new phones is the camera! It’s only been one day, but already I can see using the camera all the time! It’s so easy…and right there. Too bad the resolution is not better, but I guess you can’t have everything… not yet anyway! I took a shot as Ashley and I were heading to her doctor’s appointment today and was able to add that nicely as my screen background.

Next… get the moblog thing happening. It’s great to have a connected smart device!

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