How to connect your Palm to Phone for a GPRS data connection

I’ve spent some time searching and fussing with my phone over the weekend and thought I would share in detail how to can connect my Palm to my phone in order to take advantage of the GPRS data services.


Palm Tungsten C
Sony Ericsson T-610
T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan ($20/mo)

The details…It’s simple to do, just follow along.

There are several data plans I’ve discovered as a new t-mobile

You get T-Zones when you sign up which is a walled garden free limited wap service on your phone. You can upgrade to T-Zones pro which gets you more – picture messaging etc…

Then you have the unlimited data plan which I am using which is 20/mo. Finally there is the hot spot (wifi) plan which I don’t have with them though I have used it in Starbucks on a pay as you go basis.

For my set-up, I tested the infrared to phone without the data plan active and was able to use the phone in GSM mode to make an outgoing call to a local ISP. You set everything on the Palm side and the phone receives a signal through the infrared port and makes a phone call to the number…logging you in as though you were connected to your ISP with a phone line… you are just a cellular one.

When my unlimited data plan became active I tried a new way…

Here are the details:

  • On the Palm use the Connection (in prefs) setting for IR to
  • On the Palm again in Network create a connection for T-Mobile…
Select the Connection IR to PC/Handheld in the drop down.
in Details…
Connection Type – PPP
Idle Timeout – Never
Uncheck query DNS and manually
add and
IP address – automatic

You’ll need to modify the script
Send: AT&F
Send CR:
Send CR:

Tap OK twice.. and if infrared is active on your phone it should

I assume that a bluetooth connection would also work with the same script. I think you would just choose the connection as Bluetooth once the devices are paired and hit connect for the same functionality without the line of sight limits.

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  1. i’ve been looking for this information and can’t find anywhere else. thanks a lot.

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