Thinking about a Palm upgrade?

Office Depot has what seems like a mistake to be taken advantage of on the Palm T3… They have it listed for $199, instead of the usual $399. Be quick if you want it, I doubt this will last.

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  1. I tried to buy one and it said “out of stock”…. could not back order either. oh well.

  2. I was able to back-order one as of about 2:30 am EST. We’ll see if they actually follow through with the order.

  3. I was able to call their 800 number and order one at about 10:00PM PST. Something like this happened to me once before a long time ago with when i bought 6 workstations for 50 bucks each when they were worth about 1000. they listed them as a “buy it now” for $50 instead of having a starting bid of $50. onsale sent me a letter indicating that the seller was recanting on the deal because it was an obvious mistake. I called onsale and they told me that they were just a conduit between sellers and buyers and that they could not do anything about it. anyways, it will be interesting to see if they process the order or not.

  4. Clarifying my previous post. I was able to buy one last night at 10:00PM PST at which time the web site still indicated a price of 199. It does appear to “Game Over” now. Although interestingly enough, it does not appear to be on back order anymore. hmm

  5. Tracking Info: Status: Deleted by Delivery Cntr.

    oh well… nothing gained nothing lost.

    I called the 800 number and they said they were not going to honor the internet price. I could get a 10 percent discount in consideration of the inconvenience. I got the feeling the customer service rep I was speaking to was aware of the problem so they prolly sent out a memo.

  6. That sucks… but I read on Brighthand from a supposed store rep that they learned of their mistake and pulled inventory so they would not have to honor internet receipts of such a low price.

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