EyeTV expands to EyeHome

EyeHome is a new magic box that streams photos, music, video, and movies from your mac to your TV. I only does MPEG and DivX, so quicktime or raw DV output from iMovie won’t work. It comes with a remote and all the standard home theater hookups, and looks like it has all the features most other media centers have, except it uses Apple’s rendezvous network protocol to share media files from macs.

Their EyeTV line looks like it has expanded with a model for regular tv, one for digital satellite, one for HDTV over the air broadcasts, and all sporting firewire interfaces and the ability to dump recordings to DVD. The HDTV one looks the most interesting, I’d love to know what kind of storage and processor is required to record much hi-def content. [PVRblog]

This is cool stuff… I like the look of the EyeHome, and think it would be cool to beam home movies and pictures to the TV when company comes over. The addition of the EyeTV for HDTV would be excellent as well though only using the terrestrial signals is a drag. Our HD signal comes through cable and without that, the main convenience is I would not have to dump to VCR (which I don’t do) to then burn to DVD. I’d love to burn TV and Movies to DVD…

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