Home Music Streaming Options…

There is no shortage of choices in the home media streaming market with many new devices being announced fairly regularly including some from large PC manufacturers.

Slim Devices has still retained the lead in my mind though for their ability to keep it simple, work across platform (Mac, Win, Linux), be wired or wireless, use your existing collection of music even integrating with iTunes.

From a design perspective there is a new kid on the block that is definitley worth a look. It’s the Roku SoundBridge and it looks beautiful! There are actually two models, with the basic difference being their size. They cost more than the Slim device, but use the same Slim Server OS software, which means you get all the same great stuff in a sexier package.

The more I think about this stuff and my setup, I get to thinking how it would be very cool to have a dedicated machine running the music in my home. We currently use an iMac. I guess it will make more sense when I live in a house rather than an apartment. Getting a job first might not be a bad first step…

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