OQO – Ultra Personal Computing

Last night I caught a quick video of the OQO on TechTV and today through this article at the Register I found that the site has finally been updated with photos and a nice video overview.

While I totally respect the engineering here – size is small enough for an inside jacket pocket, includes a slide-out keyboard with mouse control, wifi, bluetooth, firewire and usb. There is also a 5 inch transflective (800×480) screen, a 20GB hard drive and a nice Transmeta processor so all this good stuff should drain the battery too quickly.

The team is comprised of former Apple Powerbook designers, the very group that gave us the TiBook, which makes the decision to run Windows XP on this thing unfortunate. The ideal OS for me would have been some form of OS X — assuming of course that Apple had something like that! Which is why I am sure that we are seeing XP. Microsoft has worked hard to get XP into a variety of flavors which makes things like this possible.

Speaking of possible… The OQO was announced 2 years ago and is still NOT out. The latest is that we will see it in late Q3 2004. I guess we’ll just have to see. I love the concept – one machine, all your stuff always accessible.

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