FCC Approves Sony Clie TH55

Coming soon from Sony…

An upcoming Sony model will offer a hi-res+ screen in a tablet design, a camera, and both Wi-fi and Bluetooth wireless networking. [Brighthand]

This is a tough time to be releasing an OS 5 palm device as smart users are expecting OS 6 devices this spring…at least I sure am. I like the look of this unit and appreciate what Sony seems to have done with it though I have to say I really like the slider in the T3. This allows the unit to be much more compact that it would otherwise be and allows it to easily fit in any pocket. I also don’t know that I am ready to give up my 400Mhz processor just to get wifi and a camera. I would like wifi on some level, but don’t miss it since making the move from my TC. The camera is something I can live without for now. I’ve got a lower resolution unit on my phone (SE T-610) and will bring my real digital camera when I know I’ll be taking picture ahead of time.

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