palmOne considering alternative platforms

In an interview with a Swedish publication, palmOne’s Head of Europe, Vesey Crichton, has made several remarks which are certain to raise a few eyebrows among Palm OS diehards. Conducted during a recent European tour made by Crichton, the interview leaves little doubt that palmOne is considering alternative operating systems for use the company’s mobile devices, although Crichton is not quoted directly on this.

Expressing his fascination for Nokia’s operating system and in particular its interface, Crichton also said the Finnish manufacturer has unresolved issues with data synchronization – a widely held opinion.

Among the most important qualities for a platform, Crichton listed ease of use along with the ability to synchronize tasks, sporting a well-developed calendar, contacts database and to-do list. Also, Crichton said that a good choice of applications would have to be available, but that Palm OS was indeed “not viewed internally as a religion”. [infoSync]

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