David’s PVR wishlist

David Galbraith has a bunch of great ideas for how a TiVo or other PVR box should work that turns all the existing business models on their heads. I especially like the attempt to create very personal one-on-one advertising that actually benefits people. Although I’m generally an opt-out kind of person, I welcome beneficial advertising and do request catalogs from time to time. Modern day PVRs do have the ability to market products to you, yet no one so far has taken personalization to that level yet.


Interesting stuff… One thing I’ve been thinking of lately is a change to the list of recorded programs. I’d like to see a multi-level list so that instead of seeing more than one listing for the same show you would instead could activate the program to see what episodes were recorded and saved at the moment. If you record a number of daily or even weekly shows the list screen can get a bit longer than you might want to deal with. By consolidating the episodes of each show under a single item, you could more easily browse and select what to watch.

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