Car Chase!

We just saw an amazing car chase on the news…

The story broke through live and we watched the chase for about 15 minutes (the whole chase was about 25 minutes). The driver who turned out to be an older looking man, was wanted for aggravated assault and decided to run. The guy ran all through Jersey City and finally ended up in Bayonne. The news is estimating that he ran for about 30-40 miles…

If you’ve seen Cops or America’s Scariest Car Chases (you know you love it) it was just like that, only live! This guy blew through traffic — constantly challenging people coming in the opposite direction, pedestrians (unfortunately hitting at least one person), yards and the police over and over and over. We watched him evade the cops and at one point he was almost boxed in… the Cops had guns drawn and he still kept on running!!

In the end, the police were finally able to hit his car hard enough to get it disabled in someone’s driveway where is casually stepped out and started walking away. At least 20 Cops swarmed him at that point ending the adventure. Whoa!

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