RumorMill: Details of Upcoming Apple Handheld

A Mac-related web site has what it claims is a description of a handheld that Apple will release this summer. Supposedly, it will offer a clamshell design, an internal hard drive, and FireWire. [Brighthand]

As you might expect it would be the ultimate…

According to this report, the device will run an operating system that is described as being “OS X-like” and is quite possibly based on Linux. It will have an unknown amount of RAM, but it will also have the same type of miniature hard drive that is used in Apple’s iPod line of MP3 players.

Apparently it will use a clamshell design, with the screen on one side and keyboard on the other. Like many recent clamshell models, the screen can be rotated around and closed over the keyboard, allowing the device to be used as a tablet. Its touchscreen will have a HVGA resolution, and it will use Apple’s Inkwell for handwriting recognition.

Supposedly, Apple’s handheld will have FireWire, USB, and Bluetooth. Of course it will be able to synchronize with iCal, Mail, Address Book etc. on an OS X Mac, but Mr. Manzione reports that iSync with Windows will be available, too.

The real and obvious question is whether or not it is finally going to happen. To me it seems like a totally obvious missing detail in the product mix. The iPod is only one way, but does a great job of sharing info while on the go. A two-way device capable of mobile connectivity, full sync to the mac (and apparently pc desktop) with high speed bus and wireless… I’m there! I’d leave Palm in a second and I am sure I am not alone…

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