Akimbo’s IP TV

Paid Content has an interesting piece about Akimbo, a new company that is launching today, with an IP TV service, centered around the TV rather than the PC.

This is how it works – the $199 Akimbo box is connected to your television/home entertainment center, and can also be plugged into your “high-speed Internet connection.” For $9.99 per month, plus additional premium options, users will be able to download up to 200 hours of content at a time onto the box. Initial content will include a lot of ‘specialty’ video—foreign films, educational content, sports events that aren’t available on satellite or cable, and adult content, reports Paid Content. The company has a partnership deal with CinemaNow for movie distribution. [GigaOm: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog]

Interesting… but one would think that you would want to highlight more compelling content than Heart and Dick van Dyke in your interactive demo to get interest going.

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