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this is a bit complicated, so hopefully i can explain this properly. if you read this site, you know i created a “portable geek gym” basically it’s a few mobile devices that i wear while i run. the next evolution of the features is something i’ve been working on for a bit location based play lists. what are they? well- imagine the songs on your music playing device changing based on where you are at, that’s what i made- for now i am using a pocket pc with gps to feed in the location data as i jog, based on that data my flash mx application will load in specific play lists and songs. as i run in areas that have steep hills i want hard rock, when i am running in the flat areas i tend to prefer hip hop. the screeshot to the right is ugly, but it’s just for testing. i’d like my car to play different songs based on the drive and roads i am taking too (working on that). [flashenabled | phillip m. torrone]

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