Wireless, Cable Leading To Death Of Long Distance

Seems kinda obvious to me given unlimited fixed price wireless and wireline services. With VOIP rising strong, we’ll see even more “data” adoption as people really start dropping traditional POTS.

A new study shows that traditional landline long distance services are being supplanted by wireless services and other new technologies.

About 50 percent of the respondents in a survey released Tuesday by the Yankee Group said that some of their landline voice calls have been replaced by wireless. Overall, the respondents said that 43 percent of their long distance calls are now via wireless networks.

“As the lines between wireline and wireless product definitions blur, an undeniable connection can be traced between mobility’s expanding product scope and a decline in wireline usage,” Yankee Group senior analyst Katie Griffin said in a statement.

She also noted that wireline technology is under threat from other technologies as well. Combined, these factors will have a dramatic effect on the telecommunications sector.

“The expanding availability of cable telephony offerings is introducing alternatives to consumers,” she said. “By far, the most vulnerable area is the long-distance market. These trends have precipitated the death of distance and eventually will result in the death of the minute as the measure of the market.” [Mobile Pipeline]

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