Britney live… I’ll pass

So we just finished a movie (Intolerable Cruelty) and decided to tune a bit before bed and discovered that Britney’s show is on again “Live”…

Hard to call it live at all. Sure she’s on stage (and yes I know it was really last week), but it is a lame performance. The music was less than… the dancing was far from entertaining and the overall show was just bad. It was kind of like watching a car wreck though… just had to know how much worse it could get – at least for a few minutes. After two songs (don’t know either one, not a fan if you could not tell) we’d had more than enough.

One final thought – If you know you are not going to sing and just lipsync, you should try and work the kinks out with the soundsystem so when the camera zooms in really close, you at least try to trick us into thinking sound is coming from your mouth.

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