Phone-cams, Moblogs, and Public Nudity

In case you missed it, John C. Dvorak published his latest anti-tech essay. Sounds to me like he is just writing for the wrong industry.

Sure there are uses for technology that might be viewed as lewd or just boring, but these things tend not to openly present themselves to people not either invited in or actually looking…

If you have no interest, fine. don’t bother. The tech itself is just getting started and will probably have some very interesting and usefuly purposes soon. The phone Dvorak carries, the Nokia 6600 is among the more capable… too bad it goes unappreciated in his hands.

It’s actually almost humorous to think that someone writing for a technology publication could be so closed minded about these things. You’d almost have expected this piece to have appeared in a more general news source…

If you’re not aware of the moblog (mobile blog) movement, you should familiarize yourself with it by visiting the various moblog sites. These are places where people post snapshots they take with their phone-cams. Certain sites, such as textamerica, pioneered the concept. And then there is Yafro, a site laced with lewd and lascivious snapshots. If you’re an exhibitionist, this is the place for you. I never knew it before, but there seem to be a lot of women who like walking around stark naked, having their pictures taken (not porn, mind you), then posting these pictures on the Web just because, well, they think it’s cool. I do not need this distraction. [PC Magazine]

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