Stuyvesant Cove

Amazing! I’ve lived in the same place, near Gramercy Park and Union Square for almost six years and I never knew Stuyvesant Cove existed…

We walk a lot — not that uncommon here in NYC, but with a baby, I think you walk even more. We have our usual routes… to Madison Park and around Gramercy Park which are always nice. Recently though we’ve been enjoying Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village which is close by and very quiet once you get inside the community. On a recent loop around Peter Cooper Village (the northern area) I noticed what looked like a path over by the East River…and sure enough there is one!

Hannah and I crossed the FDR at 20th Street and found ourselves in a small oasis away from the rest of the city. It’s far from a true escape (and you’ll be able to tell that especially from the pictures I snapped), but it’s a great safe place to walk. The path is well maintained, planted and uncrowded. We saw a few runners, skateboarders, bikers and fishermen and even another baby in a stroller with her parents.

While far from Battery Park, it’s really easy to get to (no cab or subway required) and you do get the sea breeze, even if it is the East River based… I’m sure we’ll be back to watch more sea planes and boats pass by. If you are in the ‘hood, be sure to check it out.

Here are the pictures I shot while on the move. I captured the full essence of the place, including the cars and Con Edison.

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